A CPO's Guide to Finding & Hiring Great Product Managers

how to find and hire great product managers

Joining us today is Jonas Boli, Chief Product Officer @ Phil - a Series D startup streamlining access to medications. 

In today’s episode, we dive into Jonas’ background at Zillow, his journey to CPO, what traits he looks for when hiring product managers and advice for aspiring CPOs. 

The highlights: 


  • [01:03] Jonas's Background
  • [02:20] About Phil
  • [08:45] Jonas’s longevity with Zillow
  • [12:55] Experience and benefits of working with Microsoft 
  • [15:33] Jonas's move from engineering to product
  • [17:06] Key things you look for when hiring a product manager's
  • [19:25] Signals or red flags when hiring a product manager
  • [27:08] Standout traits of product professionals
  • [30:19] Advice for people aspiring to become CPOs 
  • [33:50] Jonas's product trends predictions for 2023
  • [35:40] Team building practices to enhance productivity in 2023

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Jake Gorgol
Gareth Webb

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