How to Get Ahead of the Tech Talent Skills Gap

addressing the tech talent skills gap and talent shortage
In this episode, Gareth Webb speaks with Tracie Giles, VP of Talent Acquisition at PagerDuty - a global SaaS company that deploys real-time operations and incident response products for companies such as Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce.  Gareth and Tracie discuss lessons learned in her career at VMware when it was in its hyper-growth stage, her point of view on the tech talent shortage and skills gap, how PagerDuty is working to work proactively address it, and much more. 

What's covered: 
  • Getting creative in high-scale hiring
  • Ways to make yourself invaluable to leadership
  • Creating a tight partnership with business leaders
  • The Talent Advisor Model - shifting from order taker to advisor & partner 
  • How to identify good recruiting talent for your team
  • The shifting need in hiring for potential vs experience
  • How "widening your aperture" can put you ahead
  • How smaller startups can compete for talent outside of compensation

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