Hiring for Success: Insider Tips on Technical Recruiting

insider tips on technical recruiting

In this episode, Stefanie Sher, Director of Talent Acquisition at Replicated, shares her insights on how to lead with credibility in a technical recruiting space, advice for hiring managers to avoid "bad practices," and how to influence them with data and cost-benefit analysis. She also discusses the current market landscape and the challenges of finding the ideal profile for hiring, especially in the context of diversity hiring. Stefanie also shares her favorite HR tech stack tools and discusses the role of AI in recruiting. 

Topics covered: 


  • How to lead with credibility in a technical space
  • Aligning on hiring profiles
  • Stakeholder management – you need transparency upfront
  • Letting candidates make decisions for themselves
  • Tactics to influence hiring managers
  • Why you should keep an open scope on candidate profile requirements
  • Managing expectations between hiring managers and candidates
  • What would you do if you had to hire 100 engineers next month?
  • Candidates are more skeptical than ever – as a recruiter/hiring manager, be prepared to answer tough questions
  • Skipping laid off candidates is a bad mentality
  • How recruiting will shift in the next few years
  • AI in recruiting should enhance & allow for more human to human interaction
  • Stefanie’s favorite HR tech stack tools

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Gareth Webb

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