Reality Check - Q4 Hiring Market Updates

hiring market updates

Tune in to get an update on the latest data on key economic indicators, high-growth tech hiring trends, how this compares to news headlines, and where companies are currently prioritizing their hiring resources.

What we cover
  • Oct inflation 7.7%, below 8% forecast
  • US Sept job vacancies up MoM ~3% to 10.7M
  • Stronger than expected US job growth, 261k added on an expectation of 200k, lowest level since Dec 2020
  • Unemployment rate relatively flat at 3.7%, in line with pre covid levels
  • Takeaways from PeerSignal's November Hiring Report on B2B high growth tech companies
  • Senior & director level demand level strong
  • Shift in approach - cautious & steady
  • Shift in job vacancy demand - product, engineering, retention-focused sales & marketing functions
  • Compensation structures, adjusting expectations in line with market shift

Economic data sources - BLS - Trading Economics

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