Talent Strategies for Early Stage Startups - BreakOut Live -Austin, TX

Talent Strategies for Early Stage Startups
Tune into this recording (pt1) from the very first BreakOut live event hosted in Austin, TX this past May. This was recorded right as the hiring market began to halt, causing venture-funded startups to pause and rethink their hiring approach. Many of these conversations remain incredibly relevant as we continue to navigate uncertain market conditions.

Hear from the trenches as startup leaders discuss issues where founders need to place focus, and how to keep your company moving forward.

What's covered
  • How to get technical founders up and running with a people strategy
  • Building DEIB programs with early-stage founders
  • Mistakes made hiring too junior & senior 
  • When you need builders & executors
  • Viewing talent ops as a product
  • The case for bringing in a chief of staff early on
  • Measuring quality of hire
  • Is the tech or problem being solved more important?
  • Culture fit vs culture add

In this episode:
Natalie Ledbetter @ Boldstart Ventures
Israel Gutierrez @ Axios
Gareth Webb @ OutScout 

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