Building a Successful Remote Team - Insights from Adii Pienaar

building a successful remote team

Join Gareth as he sits down with Adii Pienaar, a successful 3x founder who is currently building Cogsy, a cutting-edge ecommerce inventory and demand planning tool. Adii opens up about his incredible journey, sharing valuable insights and experiences in various aspects of entrepreneurship, including hiring and screening for top talent, building a remote team, and cultivating a strong and healthy culture.


[00:00:58] Adii’s background in e-commerce

[00:05:53] Building a successful remote team pre-pandemic

[00:09:53] Automatic’s acquisition of WooCommerce

[00:13:11] Get intentional about culture and values from day one

[00:15:37] Why a hybrid work model is hard to pull off

[00:20:27] Why you should over-index on soft skills when hiring

[00:27:54] The Cogsy team background

[00:29:13] How to compete for talent outside of salary

[00:31:55] The desire to keep building companies - when ego can be channeled positively

[00:36:27] Advice for founders currently building

[00:40:11] What’s harder than it needs to be when it comes to hiring?

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