The Inclusive Hiring Playbook: From Role Scoping to Fair Compensation

inclusive hiring playbook
In this episode, Gareth Webb sits down with Jenn Gardener to talk everything about building successful teams - creating effective position definition & evaluation, promoting DEI in hiring, enhancing interviewing & assessment practices, and driving salary transparency and compensation alignment.
[01:20] Jenn’s background at CharterUp and prior experience
[03:15] CharterUp’s unique value prop in the transportation market
[07:06] Bringing people together - defining as culture vs community
[10:00] What has Jenn done to counter “feeling on an island” 
[16:26] Defining and building out positions for critical hires
[17:51] Every role gets a scorecard
[21:07] The problem with job specs 
[22:33] Combating those opposed to setting up scorecards & putting in the upfront work
[24:51] DEI - making the position more accessible to all types of talent
[27:37] DEI - interview & assessment
[31:02] Maintaining a consistent interview process to avoid biases
[35:07] Live interview training
[36:04] How to dig out actual performance from good interviewers
[42:09] Salary/compensation transparency
[45:01] Tools to help benchmark comp
[54:37] Leading as an example and being clear with communications 
[01:01:23] Advice to founders regarding salary compensation and transparency
[01:08.27] What is more difficult than it needs to be when it comes to hiring 
[01:10:19] Where to Connect with Jenn
[01:11:12] Closing Remarks
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