Crafting your career - how to build a resume that sells

how to build a resume that sells



In this episode, Gareth Webb sits down with Jamie Pagan on The Sales Syndicate Podcast to break down five strategies you can use to help craft your career and your resume as you look for your next opportunity.

[04:24] Current market conditions (the negatives)
[06:30] Current market conditions (the positives)
[07:50] Companies overindulged
[10:00] Why companies avoid hiring laid-off candidates & why it’s a mistake
[14:00] Viewing interviews as pattern recognition
[17:00] #1 - Importance of showcasing grit
[23:30] Career strategy 101
[26:30] #2 - Importance of documenting your success from day 1
[33:00] How can you combat showing proof or evidence of success
[37:10] #3 - Showcasing impact
[48:00] #4 - Self-investment
[59:00] Recap of resume builders

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