Talent Strategies from Midmarket and Enterprise Tech Leaders - BreakOut Live - Austin, TX

enterprise tech leader talent strategies

Tune into this recording (pt 2) from the very first BreakOut Live event hosted in Austin, TX this past May. Hear from talent acquisition leaders from LinkedIn, Dialpad, and Axon, what priorities they are focused on, and what they do to set themselves apart and compete for top talent.

What's covered: 
  • Why recruiter productivity metrics incentivize bad behavior & what you should be focused on instead 
  • Creating a thoughtfully designed candidate experience that delights
  • Getting alignment from hiring managers in the recruitment process 
  • Giving candidate feedback at scale comes down to expectation management
  • Structuring the recruiting team to leverage funnel overlap 
  • Employer branding - connecting through values and letting the candidate see themselves in the organization
  • The increased importance of cultural value prop in a remote/hybrid world
  • Combating lack of engagement in a hybrid environment  
  • Creatively constructing offers beyond a dollar amount
  • Building vs buying talent to increase team performance 
  • Measuring & improving employee engagement 

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